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T3: BB

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Get ready for a BRAND NEW Tire Trained experience! T3: Before the Barbell (BB) is a NEW pilot program targeted toward beginners!  The expectations are the same as the T3 program but with a modified approach.  The details for T3: Before the Barbell are as follows:


  • 6 Week Program

  • November 4 - December 16

  • 3 days/week

  • Monday • Wednesday • Thursday

  • 6:00pm-7:00pm

  • TWO progress tracking sessions (11/4 & 12/16)

  • Custom macros

  • $199

This program is a great way to introduce yourself to the T3 program as a beginner. If you have been watching but are too nervous to pick up a barbell, this is for YOU!

Our 6 week session runs with class 3 days/week separated into:

MONDAY: Push Day



We will start with dumbbells on Week #1 and progress you up to using the barbell during the first half of the session. The goal is to establish fundamentals and build a foundation for a solid transformation! You should walk out of the T3:BB program with confidence to proceed with the T3 program either on your own (in our app) or in an upcoming session.

This is the PILOT session for T3:BB.  We will gauge participation and interest in this program to determine if we will continue to offer it into 2024!

WHAT IS T3? (please familiarize yourself with the T3 program before you sign up)


T3 is a lifestyle transformation program built with the expectation of progress and goal-oriented action.  While the foundation of the program starts with a transformative fitness program, T3 is so much more than a workout plan. It is a roadmap that participants build with their trainer team through goal setting, progress tracking, and a lot of hard work to produce lifestyle change. It allows for participants to make a comprehensive and calculated lifestyle transformation through the following:


  • Progressive Overload Strength Training

  • Macro-Based Nutrition

  • Daily Habit Tracking

  • Growth Mindset Work

T3 is intended to teach participants how to follow a calculated, program-based approach to fitness and lifestyle. It is carefully designed to help people stop spinning their wheels and to do away with short term solutions, quick fixes, severe restriction, excessive cardio plans, and fad diets. T3 helps participants finally find a trusted solution-based approach and the right tools to produce sustainable lifestyle results all year round.


While one can expect the T3 program to produce phenomenal physique transformation results, there is an opportunity for an internal transformation to be made as well.


An ideal candidate for the T3 program will be sick & tired of complacency and READY to get out of their comfort zone for 10 weeks. Anyone who is hungry for change and ready to experience true progress, in every sense of the word, is a perfect fit for the T3 program!


November 4-December 16
T3 October 2023 (Instagram Post) (2).png
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