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10 Week Program

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January 2023 session starts 1/7/2023!


- 10 weeks of classes Monday-Friday (50 classes) in STUDIO #100

- Class times:




    Variable Enrollment Option

- No signup, no waitlists, guaranteed slot for 10 weeks

- 3 progress tracking sessions (start, midpoint, end)

- Before/after photos


- Brand new class styles

- Free t-shirt (at the end of the program)

- Free booty band

- Nutrition coaching & custom macros

- Facebook support community

- Dedicated coach (same coach for the full 10 weeks)

- In-person community

- Best transformation wins free enrollment in the next 10 week program* (must have 90% attendance to be eligible)

- $450 (+ tax) for the full 10 weeks

- 24 spots available in each class time

T3 Expectations:

  1. T3 is for all levels.  Participants are offered options for modification and advancement with all exercises.  It is up to YOU to advocate for your level and communicate with your coach about what you need.  If you need a modification or you would like to advance the move, please ask.

  2. Participants are expected to show up everyday.  It is not optional to attend class.  Of course, we understand that life happens and you may not make it due to illness, vacation, etc. but please consider this attendance expectation before signing up. 

  3. If you will be absent and you know ahead of time, please communicate that with your coach so we have accurate attendance expecation.

  4. T3 includes a combination of compound strength training and HIIT (high intensity interval training).  We will be using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, cables, bands, tires, and more in classes.  We will teach you how to use these things but you must come willing to learn.

  5. You are expected to push yourself!  This is a transformation program and the expectations align with that.  Week after week you will be held to a higher standard as you progress through the program.  Remember, you are in charge of the effort and intensity you bring!

2023 T3 Calendar