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The 14-Day Jump Start is designed to help those who will be starting or are thinking about starting the T3 program. The Jump Start is meant to help you feel more comfortable and confident as you approach Day #1 of your T3 journey!


In this 16-page guide you will learn about the T3 checklist, the training structure, nutrition expectations, and how to set SMART goals. 


You will find a training plan for two weeks.  Week #1 is three days separated into PUSH, LOWER BODY, & PULL workouts.  Week #2 is four days separated into Quads + Shoulders, Back + Biceps, Glutes + Hamstrings, & Chest + Triceps. 


Additionally, you will have the opportunity to explore 4 recipes within this guide to help familiarize yourself with preparing macro-friendly meals.


This guide will have you READY to begin your T3 journey within two weeks!  Of course, feel free to complete the 14-Day Jump Start as many times as you would like.

14-Day Jump Start

  • File Format: PDF

    Once your purchase is complete, please download a copy of the guide to your device to ensure you have a permanent copy of the file.

    Equipment Needed: You will need a variety of dumbbells (5,10,15,20 lbs.), a bench, and a mat at a minimum.  It is best to have a gym membership or access to a comprehensive variety of strength training equipment such as a barbell, barbell rack, and weight plates.

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