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Amanda Campbell (right) & Courtney Pennel (left) displaying the check for the initial T3 Underdog Fund.  Courtney is Amanda's partner and spearheaded the fundraising for this generous fund creation.  Thank you Courtney!

The T3 Underdog Fund was created in August 2023.  The T3 community generously gathered and surprised Amanda for her 40th birthday with the creation of the T3 Underdog Fund.  This fund is a donation-based fund that is used to make it possible for those who want to attend the T3 program, despite financial barriers.

T3 can be a life-changing program for those who fully commit themselves to the program.  We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to step into a powerful lifestyle change through the T3 program without barrier.  The initial funds raised for the T3 Underdog Fund yielded $1,915!  This was well beyond the $450 goal, which would have supported ONE scholarship. This dollar amount supports up to FOUR scholarships to be offered for individuals to attend the T3 program.

The T3 Underdog Fund will remain active and will continue to support those in need as long as we have funds to do so!  Please read below to learn how you can apply for a T3 Underdog Fund Scholarship OR how you can contribute a donation to the fund.  The website will be updated regularly with how many scholarships are available.

After being presented with the Underdog Fund surprise, Amanda gave a speech about the T3 program and the importance of staying mission-driven.


Click the link below to submit an application to be considered for an Underdog Fund Scholarship.  Through the application we hope to learn more about you as an individual, what motivates you to make (or continue) a lifestyle change, and how you believe this program could impact your life.  Please be thorough with your answers as it shows how important this is to you and how intentional you plan to be with the T3 program.  Thank you for considering the T3 program and for your time in filling out the application!


Donations for the Underdog Fund will be accepted on our website at the link below on a continual basis.  The T3 program is offered four times a year.  Tire Trained will host quarterly events to fund raise and support the Underdog Fund.  Please bookmark our website and follow us on social media to learn about these events as they are offered.  Click the link below to make a donation any time!

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