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T3 is a lifestyle transformation program built with the expectation of progress and goal-oriented action. It is best suited for beginner to intermediate fitness levels. Each session of the program is 10 weeks long.


While the foundation of the program starts with a transformative fitness program, T3 is so much more than a workout plan. It is a 10-week roadmap that participants build with their trainer team through goal setting, progress tracking, and a lot of hard work to produce lifestyle change. It allows for participants to make a comprehensive and calculated lifestyle transformation through the 5 Program Pillars:


  • Progressive Overload Strength Training

  • Macro-Based Nutrition

  • Daily Checklist (Habit Tracking)

  • Growth Mindset Work

  • Community Engagement

T3 is intended to teach participants how to follow a calculated, program-based approach to fitness and lifestyle. It is carefully designed to help people stop spinning their wheels and to do away with short term solutions, quick fixes, severe restriction, excessive cardio plans, and fad diets. T3 helps participants finally find a trusted solution-based approach and the right tools to produce sustainable lifestyle results all year round.


While one can expect the T3 program to produce phenomenal physique transformation results, there is an opportunity for an internal transformation to be made as well.


An ideal candidate for the T3 program will be sick & tired of complacency and READY to get out of their comfort zone for 10 weeks. Anyone who is hungry for change and ready to experience true progress, in every sense of the word, is a perfect fit for the T3 program!



- 10 weeks of in-person classes Monday-Friday

    5:00 am Class

    6:00 am Class

- 3 progress tracking sessions (start, midpoint, end)

- Custom macros & nutrition coaching

- Online support community

- Best transformation wins enrollment for a future T3 session (80% attendance to be eligible)

- $499 (+ tax) for the full 10 weeks


**Tire Trained does not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges for products, programs or services.

(September 2024) T3 10-Week Transformation Program - 5:00am

    • T3 is for all levels.  You do not need prior experience with strength training to enroll and be successful.  You need an open mind, a growth  mindset, and a willingness to try new and difficult things. 

    • Participants are offered options for modification and advancement with all exercises. It is up to YOU to advocate for your level and communicate with your trainer about what you need. If you need a modification or you would like to advance the move, please ask.

    • T3 is a 5-day per week program.  Participants are expected to show up all 5 days every week. It is not optional to attend class and/or adjust the schedule. Of course, we understand that life happens and you may not make it due to illness, vacation, etc. but please strongly consider this attendance expectation before signing up.

    • If you will be absent and you know ahead of time, please communicate that with your trainer so we have as accurate of an attendance expecation as possible each day.

    • The T3 training program includes a combination of progressive overload strength training and conditioning. We will be using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, cables, bands, tires, and more in classes. We will teach you how to use these things but you must come willing to learn.  Participants MUST be open and willing to take feedback.

    • This is a transformation program and the expectations will align with that.  You will be expected to progress with your form, abilities, and effort as you move through the program.  This is not a routine class, it is a transformation focused class with very specific goals and objectives.  Before finalizing your purchase, please ensure that you understand this.

    • ATTENTION: For anyone who has had weight loss surgery in the past, please consult with your physician before enrolling in the T3  program.  The expectation of the T3 program is to follow a macro-based nutrition approach.  This will require significantly more than 1200 calories a day.  Set yourself up for success by checking with your physician first before making this commitment.

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