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Welcome to your T3 nutrition journey! 


The nutrition approach we use within the T3 program is macro-based nutrition. A macro-based nutrition approach allows participants to control calories AND macronutrient intake to yield physique transformation or to maintain their current physique.  It works for all goals.  All it takes is adjustments to energy balance (calories) and macronutrient (protein, carbs, & fat) balance to adjust for the goal at hand.


Your custom macros will cater to your individual stats, lifestyle, goals, & preferences.  It will take your lifestyle transformation next level and will optimize results with our transformative training programs.


As soon as you complete your custom macros purchase please check your email for a purchase confirmation.  There will be a PDF document with a link to your custom macro form.  When you finish and submit your form we will contact you within 48 hours with your custom macros suited to your individual stats, lifestyle, goals, & preferences.


We are so excited to work with you and help you take your lifestyle transformation to the next level!

T3 Custom Macros

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