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I have DREAMED of bringing the Tire Trained experience to those outside of the walls of our studio. It has finally become a reality! Tire Trained is special for many reasons - the workouts are unique and different EVERY SINGLE DAY, the results are real, and the culture is something that will help your WHOLE LIFE flourish. By finding this fit lifestyle and surrounding ourselves with an unconditionally supportive community, we are able to THRIVE beyond our wildest dreams. 


I invite you to join us! We have moved well beyond "just tires" and are bringing you high quality hybrid style workouts. Each day is different. The schedule is designed to give you a full body workout experience throughout the week to maximize your physique results. 


Tire Trained @ Home is an 8-Week home workout program that mirrors the style of training we do at the Tire Trained studio.  This program requires minimal equipment and you can do these workouts from the comfort of your own home!  There are 6 workouts per week listed out for you including the exercises, timing, and a link to a video demonstration so you can see each move being done before you begin.  The schedule follows the exact same schedule we follow at the Tire Trained Studio: 


Monday: Move It Monday

Tuesday: HYBRID {PUSH}

Wednesday: Glute Camp

Thursday: HYBRID {PULL}

Friday: Full Body Friday

Saturday: Butts & Guts


What do you think? Are you ready to transform your life through Tire Trained?  Join us today!



- Dumbbells (range from 5 lbs. to 30 lbs. based on your fitness level)

Booty Band (also known as a Peach Band)

Mini Bands

Tire Trained @ Home Program

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