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Q & A

Q: If I have a current membership can I pause that to participate in T3?

A: No.  T3 is a totally separate program not attached to regular Tire Trained classes.  You may not pause your membership.  Current members will need to choose to do both T3 and regular classes OR wait until the end of your membership term and then sign up for T3.

Q: If I turn my auto renewal off for my current membership will I lose the current rate that I have?

A: No.  If you turn your auto renewal off to participate in T3 we will honor your current membership rate when you sign back up for a membership for regular classes.

Q: How long are the classes for T3?

A: Classes are one hour long.  It will include a total of a 3-5 minute warmup, 40-45 minutes of work time, and a 3-5 minute cool down.

Q: What is the refund policy for T3?

A: Tire Trained has a no refund policy for all services, including T3.

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