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Tire Trained STRENGTH

Welcome to your Tire Trained STRENGTH program!  This is a subscription based program that provides a heavy strength training companion to your Tire Trained HIIT class training regimen.  

With Tire Trained STRENGTH you will receive 4 NEW progressive overload strength workouts each week. Your program will be available for you every Sunday night by 8:00pm.  

Tire Trained STRENGTH is a program that is written for you to follow in your own time.  It is not a class but, rather, a gym-based program that you will fit into your regimen on your own.  Every exercise is linked to a demonstration video so you know exactly how to do each move.  

Read on to learn more about Tire Trained STRENGTH!

Why Should I Add STRENGTH to my Regimen?

Weekly STRENGTH Program

Below you will find your weekly strength program split.  Tire Trained STRENGTH follows a strategic approach to the muscle groups worked each day.  This will ensure proper rest and recovery before training that muscle group again.  As long as you are subscribed you will have a new strength program available every Sunday night at 8:00pm.  The previous week will be replaced on Sunday night at 8:00pm.  If you wish to save the workouts from week to week, please do so before 8:00pm on Sunday night. Each week comes with new exercises organized into a 5 day split:

MONDAY: Legs + Shoulders + Abs

TUESDAY: Chest + Triceps

WEDNESDAY: Glutes + Hamstrings

THURSDAY: Back + Biceps

FRIDAY: Full Body

Many of your basic compound lifts will repeat from week to week (e.g. back squats) because you should be doing these every week to work toward progressive overload.  Other compound exercises will be alternated week to week for variation (e.g. flat bench press vs. incline bench press).  All other lifts are considered accessory lifts and will be varied throughout your program. 

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For this program, you will need access to gym equipment.  I recommend signing up for an inexpensive gym membership (there are a lot of $10/month options out there) or building a home gym for yourself.

Squat Rack

Pull-Up Bar
Barbell (Olympic sized)

EZ Bar

Weight Plates

Barbell Collars

Weight Bench



Long Bands (pull-up assistance)

Resistance Bands (mini bands + booty band)

Resistance Bands w/handles -or- Cable Machine

Landmine Attachment

Med Ball

Working out in your home gym?

Check out our Amazon Store for EVERYTHING you need!

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