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One-on-one personal training is an option at Tire Trained for those who want to level up by learning how to incorporate strength training.  Heavy strength training is a GAME CHANGER for physique transformation!  Personal training involves you and a personal trainer working on your physique goals at your fitness level.  Your regimen will be customized to your goals.  All personal training clients will work toward learning and implementing a progressive overload strength training program.  Any additional cardio/conditioning may also be added that are suitable for individual needs and goals.  The expectation is for clients to come in ready to learn, implement, and take the skills learned to move forward with indepenent strength training with our Tire Trained Strength program.


We offer an option for Group Personal Training.  This is for groups of 2-4 people who want to do personal training and work on goals together.  WE DO NOT COORDINATE GROUPS - YOU MUST DO THAT BEFORE APPLYING.  Before we move forward with a group personal training program, you must ensure that a schedule will work for all parties involved for the duration of the session.  Individuals cannot make up a session outside of the group.  Pricing will be split between the parties that enroll in group training (e.g. if two people sign up the pricing will be split two ways, if three people sign up the pricing will be split three ways, etc.)

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Personal Training is currently offered with a 3 day/week program or a 4 day/week program.  Sessions are 1 hour long including warmup, the workout, and cool down.  

Training is scheduled Monday-Thursday at a time that is agreed upon between the trainer and client during an in-person consultation.

The training split that you can expect is as follows:

4 day/week program:

1) Shoulders + Legs

2) PUSH {Chest + Triceps}

3) Glutes + Hamstrings

4) PULL {Back + Biceps}

3 day/week program:

1) PUSH {Chest + Triceps}

2) LOWER BODY {Glutes + Hamstrings + Quadriceps}

3) PULL {Back + Biceps}

You must fill out an application at the link below first.  From there, we will schedule an in-person consultation and establish your training schedule.


Personal Training is offered in 4-week blocks at a time.  Clients may sign up for more than one 4-week block if desired.  Please be aware that personal training time slots book up quickly.  If you would like to reserve a time slot for a specified period of time, payment is required to do so.  We will discuss during your in-person consultation.

1-on-1 Training

4 weeks - 4 days/week:


1-on-1 Training

4 weeks - 3 days/week:


Group (2-4 people)

4 weeks - 4 days/week:


Group (2-4 people)

4 weeks - 3 days/week:


*Payment is due up front during your in-person consultation.  All session fees will have 7% sales tax added to the total.


Hi!  My name is Amanda Campbell and I am the owner and director of operations at Tire Trained.  I am also a NASM certified personal trainer.  I have over 6 years of experience in the fitness industry including personal training, group training, and strict dedication to my own regimen.

My goals for you during personal training are:

  • For you to learn and become proficient with heavy strength training exercises using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, cable machines, and more.

  • For you to gain confidence with strength training in ANY gym setting.

  • For you to make progress with your physique transformation goals using a progressive overload approach to strength training.

  • For you to carry the skills you learn with me and to establish longevity with your fitness regimen.

  • I want you to LEVEL UP and step into the very best version of yourself through this lifestyle.

I am very excited to work with you!

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Personal training clients are carefully selected through an application process.  The application will collect information about your goals, lifestyle, availability, and more.  This is the first step in getting to know you and for us to collectively decide if personal training at Tire Trained is a good fit for you.

We want to be sure everyone is maximizing the value of the service so we carefully select clients who are COMMITTED!  If that is you, please click the link below to review and submit your application.  We look forward to working with you!

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