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Are you looking for a nutrition approach that allows you to eat what you love AND achieve your dream physique?!


We got you.


At Tire Trained we support a macro-based nutrition approach for your physique transformation. This means you adhere to a specific calorie target and macronutrient targets each day to reach your goal.


With Tire Trained Nutrition you can get a macro consultation, access our various nutrition guides, and/or subscribe to our exclusive 'members only' nutrition page for ongoing macro-based nutrition support.

Learn more below!

STEP #1: Get your custom macros.
A custom macro consultation will tell you how many calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fat you will need to consume per day to reach your goal.  Click the link below to fill out the form for your custom macro consultation.  Amanda Campbell, our owner and fitness nutrition specialist, will collect your stats (age, gender, etc.), information about your lifestyle, and learn more about your goals through this form.  From there, she will assign your custom macros to you so you can get started and get serious about your physique transformation! After you fill the form out you will receive an email with a link to a document with your custom macronutrients within 1 week of submitting your consultation form.

STEP #2: Learn all about macro-based nutrition with 'Macros 101'.
With our 'Macros 101' Guide you will learn all you need to know about macro-based nutrition.  This is a 68 page guide that will tell you what a macronutrient is, explain the difference between and the importance of protein, carbohydrates, & fat, show you how to calculate macros (if you choose to do it on your own), guide you with topics such as meal timing, supplements, nutrition priorities, and Macros 101 includes a sample meal plan to show you how to apply a macro-based nutrition approach.

STEP #3: Utilize our nutrition guides.
We offer various macro-based nutrition resources to help guide you along and support your journey.  You can find four incredible nutrition guides that offer macro-friendly recipes and meal plans.  Each guide is in PDF format and offers different recipes.  Take a look at the various guides and select the guide with the recipes that sound the best to you!

STEP #4: Utilize our nutrition subscription service.
Tire Trained Nutrition is a monthly subscription service that offers TWO new macro-friendly recipes each week along with a sample meal plan for how to utilize the recipes.  This is an ongoing service, unlike the nutrition guides which are a one-time purchase.  With Tire Trained Nutrition you will get fresh macro-friendly recipes and maintain access to the library as long as you are subscribed.


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Tator Tot Casserole

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